Expert Consulting

United Information Technologies staff has broad experience in consulting on OLAP implementations, including years preceding the introduction of PowerOLAP. We have worked the world over, alongside staff at medium-size to Fortune 500 companies. We are prepared to consult on, install, integrate and train for the optimum use of PowerOLAP technology in creating solutions that help our clients make their businesses run more efficiently.

Following an installation, sometimes clients are interested in our consulting services to further a specific implementation. United Information Technologies staff are prepared to aid in any respect, for small, mid-sized and large firms, for any type of PowerOLAP installation.

We are experienced in developing customized budgeting, forecasting, analysis and reporting solutions, and in creating the connection between relational databases (including accounting systems) and Excel via multidimensional database technology. Involved in the ongoing development of PowerOLAP, we can more quickly manage the setup and implementation of PowerOLAP features like the MDB Server, Relational Server, OLAP Exchange and Web Services and tune them for site-specific requirements.